The Oakland Morehouse

Welcome to the Oakland Morehouse, aka Institute of Human Abilities. We were the first Morehouse and our doors have been open as an intentional community since 1968. Our lifestyle is based on the More Philosophy as described by Vic Baranco. For a history of our house and the beginning of Morehouse go to

Today, we are a group of people spanning several generations living in our 1892 purple Victorian house in the Lake Merritt area of Oakland. We make practical in our daily lives our viewpoint that fun is the goal and love is the way. Fun includes doing everything we want to do and, at the same time, practicing Responsible Hedonism, i.e., the recognition that pleasure can only be enjoyed if those around you are enjoying their lives too. “Our philosophy is based on the belief that you are perfect, that the world is perfect, and that you are totally responsible for your life. We believe that perfection includes the potential for change.”*

One thing that sets us apart is our social system, the cornerstone of which is the “one-no-vote.” We believe that everyone’s goals can be met when there is enough communication. We often share meals together, take care of each other, play music together, and turn working on the house into parties with good food and music. If you want to know more about our lifestyle, you’re welcome to attend a Mark Group (offered online in many locations - New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Oakland, and Lafayette) or visit our Facebook page. Visit to find out about Morehouse courses such as Basic Sensuality, Man/Woman: A Conversation About Gender, When Fun is the Goal and Getting What You Want – all of which are now offered online. Please feel free to call or email us for more information. We'd love to hear from you!

Please note in these days of shelter in place that we’re not yet open for public events, parties, or to new people moving in. Stay tuned for updates!

*Excerpted by permission from the Lafayette Morehouse website.