A Glimpse into Morehouse – Trainings in Pleasure

By Linda Gray - How does one develop the capacity for intense orgasms that last anywhere from one second to several hours? It’s not so difficult given that we are coming all the time, a fact that the scientific world is now starting to prove.* How would your life be different knowing there was no scarcity of orgasmic pleasure? The feeling that you never get enough would fade and the societal stressors that bombard us from all sides would lose their grip. Life blessed us with nerve-laden bodies that let us tap into these exquisite states at will. You can get to these high states doing other things, yoga, jumping out of airplanes, meditating, perhaps having a near-death experience - anything that brings you fully into present time. But I’m talking about having these experiences - at will - through orgasm. While being in present time may sound straightforward, it helps, in fact, to have some training. Just like a samurai slicing through a raindrop with a sword - anything that takes mastery takes practice.  

So, how does one train to be in present time in order to achieve intense orgasmic pleasure? It helps, first, to know that our brains are on our side and that we are coming, at some level, all the time. So at least some of the training is getting out of our own way, approving to a greater degree of everything that's already happening. Most obstacles to orgasmic intensity center on our limiting preconceived notions about sex and we carry these thoughts into bed every time we turn down the sheets. The training involves getting to know our physical bodies as instruments capable of exquisite music, instruments that we can play, alone or with a partner, at any time of our choosing. 

Morehouse uses the term “doing,” i.e., manual stimulation of the genitals. Both people have their total attention on producing pleasure in one body. A certain amount of technique is required, but technique is far outweighed by our ability to pay attention, our ability to focus on a particular stroke in a particular moment, and to approve of what’s happening. I got to learn in a setting that was educational, clinical, and safe how to travel to states of physical, emotional, and spiritual pleasure that I couldn’t have conceived of prior to this training. What I’m talking about, and personally experiencing, is rapture, experiences that go beyond words. This ability is now integrated into me, body and soul, to be enjoyed for the rest of my life.

Cindy Baranco’s response to one of my questions in a Darshan toward the end of my training put it together for me: "Love, perfection, and orgasm are all faces of the same thing. Perfection is seen through loving eyes. To love a thing is to find it perfect, and orgasm is finding the actual stroke you’re experiencing perfect - that is, you love it.... Being is fundamentally bliss." 

The bottom line is knowing this truth, being aware of it, feeling it, and enjoying it. Morehouse has currently found no limit to the amount of pleasure we can enjoy.

* “Science of the Sexes” Discovery Channel