Music at 80

By Linda Gray

Living in a Morehouse creates time and space for creative projects. And collaboration. And 80 has a lovely old piano.

"Lanterns" is a recent song I wrote and co-produced. I did all the vocals and photography.

My journey into music began in the fall of 2010 when I started piano lessons at a school called Simply Music. It uses a playing-based method that had me playing a complete song with both hands in a week. And in less than a year, I knew over 30 songs, all from memory. As soon as I knew how to arpeggiate a chord, I started writing my own songs. I had no desire to play other people’s music as I had tapped into a universe of sound inside my own head. Technology is so advanced these days in terms of music production, I soon learned the rudiments of GarageBand and found young professional producers also starting out. This is one of the results....